PRD 650 Blast Hole

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PRD 650 Blast Hole - Technical Specifications
Rated Capacity Bore diameter: 6 1/2"
Drill rod diameter: can be used with 4 1/2., 3 1/2.
Drill rod length: 6 mtr with end adaptor
Drilling depth: 200 mtr
Mast Structure Construction: A box type welded structure , C type carbon steel channel with rectangular bar for rotary head guide.
Height: 8 mtr
Head travel: 7.45 mtr
Rod handling: 6 mtr
Rod changing option: manual rod changing with single rod
Feed System Pull-up force: 5500kgs
Pull up Speed: 38 m/min
Pull-down force: 3300 kgs
Pull Down Speed: 63 m/min
Rod changing option: manual rod changing with single rod
Feed System Type: Through hydraulic cylinder and rope reeving 1:3
Rotary Head Drive Rotation speed: 0-90 rpm
Maximum Torque: 225 kg-mtrs
Stabilizer: System consists of four hydraulic leveling jacks with heavy duty box type and pilot operated check valve.
Operating Panel: Centralized control panel for drilling and track controls
Auxiliary Winch: Hydraulic operated auxiliary winch is mounted on right side of main frame for handling of drill rods ,tools and accessories
Break Out Wrench: Hydraulic operated break out wrench for breaking drill rods
Compressor Option: Diesel power air screw compressor for drilling 650/200 ,600/200 and 540/185

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