PRD Mini Core

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PRD Mini Core - Technical Specifications
Capacity A mini core dulling rig has the following capacity under favorable drilling condition BQ: 300 Mtrs I ND: 200 Mtrs I HQ: 150 Mtrs
Mounting The rig unit is mounted on a Truck, Crawler or on skid as optional.
Hydraulic Power for hydraulic is taken from the separate deck engine.
Main Winch Single line capacity: Bare drum 6000 Pounds (3 Ton)
Bare Drum Speed: 225 kg-mtrs
Cable Size: 12 mm of non-twist with safety hook.
Wire line Winch Capacity: 300 meters of 4.76 mm rope
Line Pull: Bare Drum 2600 Pounds
Line Speed: Bare Drum 80 mtr / minute
Mast & Feed System Medium size box structure with 100 x 70 x 4000 mm feed cylinder raised & lowered by mast raising cylinder fitted with a dumping cylinder for angle drilling from 0 to 45 degree
Mast overall length 6.4 Mtr
Drill rod handling capacity 3 Mtr
Head travel 4 Mtr
Head travel 1:1 (direct drive)
Pull up force 12,000 Kg @160 bar
Pull down force 6,400 Kg @160 bar
Capacity PRD two stage 3 speed gear box with single speed hydraulic motor.
Rotary Head PRD two stage 3 speed gear box with single speed hydraulic motor. Hydraulic Motor: 102 CC displacement gear motor Working pressure: 175 bar / Maximum flow: 90 Ipm Imported water swivel for core drilling application. Rotary head has hydraulic sliding arrangement
Foot Clamp Hydraulic operated PRD make foot clamp suitable to handle NQ & NW rods with suitable safety check valve.
Leveling Jacks 4 Nos. of hydraulic leveling jacks provided with pilot operated check valve.
Break Out Wrench The hydraulic operated rigid break out wrench provided for easy breaking of rod joints and foot clamp for core drilling rods.
Water Pump (for Core Drilling) Hydraulic motor driven triplex single acting water pump having flow capacity of 150 liters per minute and maximum pressure of 35 Kg-Cm2 suitable for core drilling application.
SPT Attachments Necessary SPT attachments will be provided for the SPT operations.

Gear Ratio RPM Torque NM
1:1 800 205 277
1:2.36 296 486 656
1:9.47 74 1952 2635

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