Manufacture world-class construction equipment such as Autoloader Drilling Rigs, Silver Core Drilling Rigs, Blast Hole Rigs, Pole Drilling Rigs, etc.

About Us

The founder of this company is Mr. T.P. Thangaraj. He started this establishment in the year 1982 at the town of DTH Drilling Rigs: Tiruchengode, India. Tiruchengode has more than 2000 drill rig contractors as on date. He is one among the original drilling contractors who has been providing his services in this industry since 1977. Over the years the company has built a reputation by designing long lasting products and backing them with 'personal' service unheard of in the drilling industry.

Our Motto

To deliver high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality output and real value for money. Work towards exceeding expectations through commitment to excellence, constantly upgrading the product line to suit the ever changing market demands, trend and setting new benchmarks in the industry of Drilling Rigs.

Our Product Range

  • Water Well Drilling RIG
    • PRD 450 Portable
    • PRD 500 Trolley
    • PRD Tractor Mounted Rigs
    • PRD 600
    • PRD 650
    • PRD Double Super
    • PRD Speed Star
    • PRD Max Drill 2000
    • PRD OZ Drill
    • PRD Autoloader
  • Mining RIG
    • PRD HC Drill MAX 450
    • PRD Multistar
    • PRD Reverse Circulation Drilling
    • PRD Silver Core Drill
    • PRD Mini Core Drill
    • PRD Pole Drill
    • PRDBlast Hole Rig
  • Equipments
    • Hydrofracture Units
    • Service Trucks
  • DTH Drilling Accessories
    • Drilling Hammers
    • Drilling Bits
    • Drill Rods
    • Tri Cone Bits
    • Air Compressors
    • Mud Pumps


Today, PRD is the leading manufacturer of Water Well Drilling Rigs in the country. The company has experienced significant growth and improvement over the past years, which clearly demonstrates its commitment to excellence. This has been achieved because of our superior product quality, continuous R&D and goodwill of our esteemed customers.

Presence in the International Market

With the increasing demands of PRD rigs, the company has spread its operations across the globe. It has now established itself in various parts of Africa with a full fledged office with service centre at Ghana & Kenya. Having supplied quality products and world class equipment, the demand for PRD rigs in the African market has improved and our rigs are working in 40 world wide.


We, at PRD, have always striven to achieve better goals. We have exported 250 rigs to various countries and have been awarded with Regional Export Awards for outstanding export performance consecutively for 2005-2006, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 by the Government of India.

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